{Eat & Drink} Bumpkin Introduces its “Super Healthy Options Menu” & I am in Juice Heaven

Growing up in California with juice shops and healthy salads a plenty, it’s always fabulous to hear when a restaurant in London has decided to cater to us ladies that like to make healthy eating choices (most of the time anyway). When I found out that fellow AG’s, Marissa Hermer, and wellness guru Julie Montagu  joined forces to bring us a “Super Healthy Options Menu” at Bumpkin, I had to try it ASAP.

Yesterday,  I went to Bumpkin in Chelsea (the restaurant also has locations in South Kensington and Notting Hill) to try out the new menu. The juice selections all sounded so amazing that we decided to try them all.


The hydraulic cold-pressed juices include “Don’t Beet around the Bush” (bet you never thought beets could taste so good!),”The Lean Mean Green Machine” (my favorite), the “Carrot Digestif,” and the “Bloody Berry” which contains red peppers, yellow peppers, and goji berries to majorly pack in your vitamins. Whether you want to boost your energy, help digestion, cleanse, or give your immunity a little assistance, there’s a juice for YOU. You can even add additional boosters of bee pollen, chlorella, acai berry, wheatgrass, and spirulina.

Trust me when I say you’ll just feel better about your life when you have one of these juices. Have I led you astray thus far?! 


But Marissa and Julie didn’t just stop at juice, they created an entire menu of incredibly thought-out healthy salads and soup.


The green kale and spinach soup is served with organic quinoa and a seven seed pancake. It’s the perfect nutritional option for a cold winter’s day.


I ordered the “torched” smoked garden vegetables, blackened tomatoes and kale salad with their own orchard dressing. After our juices, the scrumptious salad filled me up for the rest of the afternoon. I had a ton of energy and wished I had ordered a take-away one for dinner.


 I want to go back and try the braised celery, green lentil, wild mushrooms, granola clusters and chestnuts! I mean… health on a plate!

So how did this match-made-in-heaven come into existence?! Marissa says, “I met the amazing Julie Montagu and found out how much she loved Bumpkin, especially as the Bumpkin ethos is all about locally sourced fresh ingredients from our British farms.  But to her horror, there weren’t enough salads on the menu. I couldn’t resist all her talk of the wonderful world of bee-pollen and chia seeds and cold-pressed nutrient rich juices… I had to get my hands on it ALL…ASAP. And voila! “Bumpkin’s Healthy Options Menu” created by Julie Montagu was born. Julie and I worked with Ray Fulton (Bumpkin Head Chef) to create yummy salads and juices, and thanks to her, Bumpkin fans will now be able to keep their New Year’s resolutions.”

The moral of the story? I’ll be lunching at Bumpkin ALL the time and trading in my usual pinot grigio for the “Lean Green Machine.”

And, because I am completely obsessed with these juices, they will be served at my “New Year New You” event at Donna Ida on February 5th! 

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    This looks awesome. I’m annoyingly sick at the moment but once I’m back in town and back on my feet I will be making a beeline for Bumpkin to help bump up the old immune system with some of these fab looking concoctions! Thanks for the tip.

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