• {Practical Tid-bits} Becoming British

    Ladies and gentlemen, on Saturday I became a British citizen. I must admit it was a long road, mainly paved with paperwork. But at last, I can have the same passport as the kiddos. I thought I would go into a little bit of detail on the process of … [Continue Reading]

    {Practical Tid-bits} Becoming British
  • Preggo? You need a copy of “The Bump Class.”

    In 2013, my GP (and paediatrician for my Mini's), Chiara Hunt, started "The Bump Class" and since then SO many of my friends and friends of friends have signed up and loved every second of the fun and informative sessions speaking about pregnancy, … [Continue Reading]

    Preggo? You need a copy of “The Bump Class.”
  • Bespoke your next hat, make your own!

    It may be way too early to start fathoming your ensemble for Ascot, or even outfits for upcoming Spring weddings, but I had to tell you about this event regardless. If you're an AG out there who always struggled to find the perfect hat to match … [Continue Reading]

    Bespoke your next hat, make your own!

Meet Christy

For those of you who are new to the site, here’s what it’s all about. I’ve been living in London for over 7 years, and in those years I’ve come across so many American ladies who have moved to town and want to figure out the basics of navigating this fantastic city, and I wanted to help! Read More...